With your first deposit of just $10, you receive 150 FREE CHANCES to become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE!


The big winners are listed on Luxury Casino's website so you can see that there are real winners on a daily basis.


Range of Video Poker games such as Double Double Bonus, Poker and Aces & Faces Poker.

24/7 Support

Online support with a live operator is available 24/7. Support for multiple languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean.

Cosmo Casino is the best online casino for Video Poker in New Zealand. The welcome offer of 150 FREE CHANCES to become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE, 24-hr customer support team, and the range of Video Poker set Cosmo Casino apart from other Kiwi casinos. There are also hundreds of other games such as slots and table games to keep players entertained. As part of the Casino Rewards Loyalty Program, Cosmo Casino also grants VIP points each time you play, which can be converted to bonus and used on any Casino Rewards casino.

What is Video Poker?

Video Poker is a slot machine-style game inspired by the classic 5-card draw poker. Five random cards are dealt/displayed on the screen, and the player selects which cards to hold and the rest to be discarded. The replacement cards are then dealt and the player is paid if his hand makes a winning combination. The minimum qualifying hand to get paid is dependent on the variation of Video Poker, but is often a pair of Jacks or higher.

Video Poker is a game based on chance, as is any other casino game, but players with some skill are able to increase their chances of winning. Good players know the odds of hitting different winning combinations, and will make the correct decision on which cards to hold.

Video Poker Variety

Cosmo Casino offers different versions of Video Poker, which differ based on rules and winning hand combinations. For example, if you play Deuces Wild Poker, any 2 counts as a Wild Card so you have a much better chance to make a higher hand than usual. However, you need to be aware of the payouts, as you only get paid with ‘Three of a Kind’ or better. A pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces will no longer give you a winning hand.

Trusted and Secure

Cosmo Casino is a trusted online casino that has been around for two decades. It is part of the Casino Rewards Group which only accepts legitimate casinos as its members. Cosmo Casino uses 128-bit encryption to store players’ personal information, keeping it secure and ensuring it cannot be accessed by third parties.

My Personal Experience - Video Poker at Cosmo Casino

My first experience with Cosmo Casino happened when I was relocated to Auckland for 12 months. I got in touch with Dennis, my childhood friend who lived in New Zealand. He plays almost daily at Cosmo Casino and always boasts how he wins more on Cosmo compared to other Kiwi casinos, and encouraged me to try it out. 

I registered with Cosmo Casino which took only two minutes to enter my details and deposit money via credit card. The great thing about Cosmo is there are plenty of deposit and withdrawal options to choose from. I tried out a few styles of Video Poker, and I enjoy Double Double Bonus Poker the most. After you make a winning hand combination, you have the option to try and double your winnings. If you pick a higher card than the machine, you double your winnings! If you want to double those winnings AGAIN, you can do so, by choosing another card. It means you can win really big, by stacking your winnings. Have a go for yourself and see if you enjoy it.
Cameron Tomlinson Founder