Luxury Casino

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UP TO $1000 FREE

With your first five deposits you can receive up to $1000 free bonus!


Increase the thrill of the game by delaying the reveal of the final card, just like in a land-based casino!


Get close to the action with a Real Dealer turning over cards in real time, so you feel like you are sitting in a physical casino!


24-hr support with a live person is available online. Multiple languages supported, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean

#1. Luxury Casino

$1000 BONUS

on your first 5 deposits

VIP Rewards Program

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Luxury Casino

Luxury Casino stands clear above the online casino community when it comes to online Baccarat. Players love the Real Dealer aspect of the game, the 24/7 online support in multiple languages, and the regular promotions and bonuses as a Casino Rewards member.

Players’ information is secured on 128 bit encrypted servers, and there is a fantastic welcome bonus of up to $1000 bonus.

Speed Baccarat

Baccarat is an extremely popular casino game around the world, and Baccarat has been introduced to online casinos to satisfy the increasing demand. Players are able to play at any time from the convenience of their own home, as well as bet much lower amounts, down to $1, whereas in a physical casino, each bet is usually a minimum of $10 – $25.

Speed Baccarat is a popular style for players that want to play a lot of hands quickly. The cards are dealt face up, so you will know whether the banker or player won within approximately 5 to 8 seconds!

Baccarat Squeeze

Baccarat Squeeze adds anticipation and suspense by gradually revealing the last card. The game is slower than Speed Baccarat, due to the drawn-out reveal, but many players enjoy this as they like the additional thrill injected into the game.

Baccarat Control Squeeze

Baccarat Control Squeeze is a step above Baccarat Squeeze in terms of excitement. Each player is given the chance to slowly reveal their cards! This is even better than playing Baccarat in a land-based casino, where only the player who bets the largest amount has access to squeeze the cards. Try it out for yourself to see what it’s like!

My Personal Experience – Baccarat at Luxury Casino

I had heard recommendations about Luxury Casino being great for Baccarat so I wanted to try it out, and with the welcome bonus up to $1000 how could I say no! But first, let me tell you about how the welcome bonus works, so you don’t get the wrong impression. You don’t receive $1000 FREE bonus just for signing up. It is a match bonus given to you on your first five deposits, and the maximum you can claim is $1000. Luxury Casino explains this on their website:

First Deposit – 100% Match Bonus (up to $150)

Second Deposit – 50% Match Bonus (up to $200)

Third Deposit – 25% Match Bonus (up to $300)

Fourth Deposit – 50% Match Bonus (up to $200)

Fifth Deposit – 100% Match Bonus (up to $150)

To take advantage of the bonus, I suggest depositing a larger amount on your first deposit, as you get 100% BONUS, which means you DOUBLE the amount that you deposit! I only made a $25 deposit on my first deposit because I wanted to test out the casino, but I wish I made a larger deposit because I ended up playing a lot at Luxury.

I headed to the Live Casino section to play Baccarat, and I tried Speed Baccarat, Baccarat Squeeze and Baccarat Control Squeeze. Speed Baccarat is by far the quickest game, so if you are on a winning streak and want to get in a few quick hands, that’s the game for you. My preferred game after trying them all, is Baccarat Control Squeeze, because there is something fun about the excitement of peeling away the corners of your own cards!

Before playing at Luxury Casino, I wasn’t a big fan of Baccarat; I’m more into Blackjack and Roulette. However, after playing Baccarat Control Squeeze, it gave me new enjoyment to the beautiful game of Baccarat!

Cameron Tomlinson

Casinos.Community Founder