12 Masks of Fire Drums Slot Review

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Brand new slot game from Microgaming: 12 Masks of Fire Drums. An African-themed wilderness game, this slot is the sequel to the popular 9 Masks of Fire released five years ago in 2019. 12 Masks of Fire is a slot game we’re incredibly excited about as it builds on the original game, adds more features, and increases the potential to win. The jackpots at stake are exciting for fans of the original game and new players. Here, we’ll look at what players can expect from 12 Masks of Fire Drums.

Adventure in the Savannah

Microgaming has brought the Savannah setting to life in 12 Masks of Fire. Set deep in the African grasslands, the game immerses players in the well-known sounds and vibrant sights of the Savannah. An African soundtrack plays in the background while traditional African drums beat energetically every time a player spins, and animated animal symbols adorn the five reels. The exotic backdrop has been well done, which is exactly what players expect from Microgaming, and it sets the scene perfectly for the thrilling gameplay and chances to win big.

Game Play Features

Compared to the original 9 Masks of Fire, the sequel has a much upgraded base game experience. The Epic Strike Tower now contains 12 tiers of prizes – an increase of 3 from the original, but that’s not all. Players also gain access to payouts up to 3000 times the stake. And, considering players can place a stake of between $0.20 and $80, you can see how much they could win. This has expanded massively the winning potential in the game.

Players also benefit from a new Collect Pot feature.  If a player lands a Wild, they are guaranteed entry into the Epic Strike Tower bonus.  Another new thing in 12 Masks of Fire is the Rising Rewards Multiplier. This continues to accumulate while players play the base game up to a maximum of 10 times the stake. It then can be carried over to boost payouts during the free spins round.  This multiplier mechanic has added an additional strategy layer to the gameplay, which we’re very excited about.

Talking about the free spins round, this has also received an upgrade. Line wins are now multiplied by the Rising Rewards Multiplier mentioned above. But the best upgrade is the Fire Drums bonus feature. This triggers when the Fire Drums symbol lands on the reel during the free spins. The bonus awards players with free spins, enabling them to prolong the bonus round. In addition, the Fire Drums bonus also gives players an extra opportunity to climb the Epic Strike Tower and win the jackpot. The multiplying line wins, retriggering spins, and access to the Tower all combine to make rewarding gameplay.

RTP of 96%

12 Masks of Fire Drums has an RTP of 96%, the same as the original game, 9 Masks of Fire, and on par with the industry average. The high volatility means that players should expect less frequent but larger payouts when they do hit a winning combination. This makes it ideal for thrill seekers who love slots.

An Epic Sequel is Just Around the Corner

12 Masks of Fire Drums has retained the best parts of its predecessor while turning things up a notch with the Fire Drums Bonus, Rising Rewards Multiplier and Epic Strike Tower. These features have not only boosted the entertainment value of the game but also boosted the slot’s winning potential.

Players who enjoyed the original 9 Masks of Fire Slot will love the sequel with its expanded gameplay and amplified graphics and sounds. However, at the same time, this slot has broad appeal and will be a favourite with all slots fans looking for big payouts and an immersive adventure. 12 Masks of Fire Drums is set to be a hot favourite in the slots world, and with a developer like Microgaming behind it, it’s not hard to see why. An epic adventure in the Savannah awaits!